Sailing update

ImageThe view of the city from the club. Taken during our first visit on May 10.


This Saturday is the last class of my CANSail 1&2 course. I don’t want to say that it’s going great, because I will be completely honest, I think I am learning at a pace that is a touch slower than some other people, but it really has been a blast. We found out last weekend from our instructor that a bunch of us might not pass, which means we’d have to do a couple extra classes before getting our certificates (I’m sure I will be one of those people), but that hasn’t discouraged me. I have been known to be a bit of a quitter in life, but not this time. I really do love sailing, I’m just not that great at it yet.

Last weekend we were supposed to be doing our capsize drills. Ha! What a shit show that turned out to be. About six or seven boats headed out onto the course on a VERY windy afternoon. Our instructor was supposed to be pulling one boat off the course at a time to take them away from the group and practice the capsize, turtle, and recovery. Well, as soon as the boats got out of the channel and into the Inner Harbour, teams were capsizing left, right, and centre, UNINTENTIONALLY. Our instructor was racing from one boat to another on his motor boat trying to make sure everyone was ok. As soon as one group would right their boat, another boat would go down. It wasn’t exactly the controlled capsizing environment he had planned, so we ended up calling the whole thing off. Two or three boats didn’t end up capsizing, but the rest did, all unintentionally.

As for me, well I half participated in a capsize. My partner and I were freaking out a little bit when we got out onto the lake because it was so windy and we were losing control. Our instructor came over to us and knowing that we were scared, asked if one of us wanted to get out onto his boat and he would sub-in an experienced coach. I jumped at the chance to get off the sailboat, and headed onto his boat. A short while later the sailboat I had ditched capsized. We sped over to them (surprisingly, it was a mistake made by the experienced coach that led to the capsize, not one made by my novice partner!) and the boat had already turtled. The instructor told me that if I wanted to jump in to help right the boat now, he would count that as my capsize drill.

So, I jumped off the motor boat into the lake.

Let me tell you, the water in Lake Ontario is not a fun place to be this time of year. When I resurfaced, thanks to my PFD, I gasped for breath. I could. not. breathe. For at least 3 minutes I was gasping, trying to get my breathing under control. The thing is, I had jumped into the lake, so my head had gone under, and it was a very sudden cold jolt, whereas when you capsize, it’s a slow move into the water and your head almost never has to go under. Jumping off the side of the boat was a shock I’ve never felt. I actually thought I was going to die. I now truly understand the importance of a life jacket, because if you fell into a lake at that temperature (about 10 degrees Celsius) and you weren’t wearing one, you would die for sure. Your muscles become completely useless, and in gasping for air, it is very easy to swallow water. Scary stuff.

Anyways, I was wearing a PFD and I did survive. I swam over to the turtled boat, and helped my former partner (who I had abandoned for the safety of the motor boat) bring the boat from a turtled position into a capsize, and from there, back up to a righted position. It wasn’t easy, but we did it. It’s harder for two light women, because you need a lot of strength/weight to bring the boat up.

But we did it! Thankfully, the coach got in the boat to sail us back to the club, because everything was completely fucked up when we got back on board. The mainsheet had come off the boom, the jib was a tangled mess, we were taking on water and weren’t sailing fast enough to use to auto-bailers. It was a bit of a disaster, but we managed to rethread the mainsheet partially and sail home. We couldn’t get a tow because there was a lot going on with all the other sailboats and our instructor couldn’t leave them.

What an experience that was! I still feel like I want to actually BE in the boat when it capsizes so I know what to expect, but I am sure I will have the chance to do that again on Saturday. The good thing is, I still love sailing and it hasn’t scared me into giving up. I really am having a great time, and hopefully by the end of the summer I will be an old pro!


ImageThe view of the city at dusk last night, taken by my social sailing partner!


How quickly things can change

Six weeks ago my days were filled with practically nothing. I slept until noon and caught up on Ellen before dinner, then I surfed BuzzFeed all night. Two or three times a week I would go to work for 4 or 5 hour shifts.

Fast forward to now. I have been so busy since April 25 that I haven’t had time to write a single sentence blog post. We moved to Toronto, I started my new job, we started sailing lessons, my boyfriend started his new job, we’ve been running around Toronto doing errand after errand. I’ve been waking up between 8 and 9 am every day and have been going non-stop all day until 9 or 10 or 11 at night. I can’t say that it hasn’t been exhausting, but I can say that it has at least been fulfilling.

So much is changing and it’s happening really fast, but so far I’m enjoying the ride.

Off to do more stuff – it never ends! – but I will be back soon. I hope!

Taylor Swift: Friend Collector?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Taylor Swift. I adore her. I’m her biggest fan. And I’d love to be her friend.

But lately I’ve noticed that perhaps she is a bit of a friend collector. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a lot of close girlfriends, and I’m sure she’s an amazing girl IRL, so of course she would have lots of friends. But I feel as though recently she has a new famous friend every week. She posts a picture with said friend, and then after a few months they just kind of fade away. It’s a bit weird, no?

For example, in the past month I’ve read about Taylor and the following BFFs.

Lily Aldridge



Gracie Gold – This one I found particularly odd, because Taylor posted about her on Twitter a lot during the Olympics, and then one day they were just hanging out. It seemed like she was a big Gold fan and she just decided she wanted to be friends with her and magically (creepily?) made it happen.


Sarah Hyland


Karlie Kloss – Ok, I’ll give her this one. This seems like a genuine friendship, as these two have been spotted together several times over the past few months.


What do you think? Is T. Sweezy collecting friends for shits, or is she just a popular, awesome girl to hang out with?!

In honour of our 7-year anniversary <3

Today is my boyfriend and I’s SEVEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That’s right, seven whole years. We met when we were 19, and it’s been love ever since. I remember thinking when I was in high school that I was going to die alone, that nobody would ever want to date me, let alone stay with me for seven years!

Well, here we are seven years later. I am really lucky to have him.

I came across this post today, of all days, on Hello Giggles. It’s really quite accurate, and our version looks a little like this:


10. You’re not putting on a dainty act anymore. HELL to the NO. Dainty is one of the last word’s I would use to describe myself. If I have a stomachache from eating too much chocolate (often), I will announce it. If I have to burp, I will do it, and laugh. Any crude/weird/crazy thought I have, I share. I had the flu two months ago and violently vomited in front of him and then asked him to skip school and stay home to take care of me. No daintiness in this relationship. He blows his nose directly into the sink instead of into Kleenex.

9. You can do embarrassing things around each other. Um, one word: fart. Yes, that’s right, I said it. Also, dance enthusiastically to country music in my bedroom, and sing Disney songs at the top of my lungs in the shower.

8. You’re aware of each other’s weird (and occasionally gross) nightly habits and you don’t care. Clicking and grinding our teeth. I often wake up in a puddle of my own drool, and always tell him, “OMG I am laying in a huge pool of drool. My pillow is soaked.” No shame.

7. You want to know his/her family members. We are both indifferent to our families, LOL.

6. You don’t worry about him/her thinking you’re texting too much. We “maintain textual contact” throughout the day. We also have our own language.

5. You worry about him. “OMG, driving on the 401 without me? Text me as soon as you arrive.” I feel no fear like the fear I feel when he drives on the highway without me. I dislike the highways around Toronto very much. They will be the death of us, I’m sure. The 410 – YIKES. And when he drives alone, I basically die of anticipation waiting for him to reach his destination. I feel much better when we drive on the highway together, which he thinks is morbid because we both know I prefer it that way because if we got in a fatal accident, “at least we’d be together”. I maybe worry a bit too much about potential highway deaths.

4. You miss him whenever he’s not around. Last summer he went on a three week road trip out east with friends from school. It was the longest we’d been apart since he was in university in England. I dreaded it up until the day he left, when I cried in my room for half an hour after he drove off. We texted most days, but when he was in the States we weren’t able to text due to extortionate long distance rates. Waiting to hear from him was the worst. Trying not to be needy and force him to stay on the phone for a long time when he did call was really hard. Sleeping alone in our king bed for 3 weeks, looking longingly at his empty side of the bed? Awful.

3. You want to tell the world about it. I went to work today and told everyone it was our seven year anniversary. I’m writing this post right now. I couldn’t possibly share this with more people!

2. You find little ways to make his/her life easier. I make him tea while he studies. I bake him healthy treats. I make the bed for us everyday. I do all the laundry. I am the best. LOL.

1. It’s not about you anymore. In this department I’d say he does more for us than I do for us. He lent me the money for my credit card bill so that I wouldn’t have to pay the interest for several months while I paid it off slowly. He manages our finances. He saves for us. He waited to go to law school until I was done university so that we wouldn’t have to live in different cities again. As for me, well I patiently wait for the day that he decides we are finally ready to get married, because he is so damn practical that until we are 100% set in life, with good paying jobs, our own house, a growing savings account, etc., the wedding will have to wait. I support all of his decisions because I know that they are the best decisions for us.

Why I am Katie from Bachelorette

Last night I watched Bachelorette on Netflix. I’m so glad I did, because I found a character that is basically me. I am Katie – minus all the coke and Xanax. I’ve complied a small list of why Katie and I are one in the same.


1. She has red hair. Ok, so this doesn’t mean much, but redheads are pretty rare.

2. She works in retail and hates it. She could probably be doing something way better with her life, but Katie is stuck in a dead-end retail job. I know the feeling, and I know it well. Katie is in her early thirties and works at Club Monaco. I am in my late twenties and work at the Gap. Katie is quoted in the movie saying, “If I am still working retail by the time I’m 40, I will kill myself. I know you guys think I’m joking, but I’m not. I will take a shotgun and I will blow my head off.” I completely understand this sentiment.

3. She has maxed out credit cards. She obviously has a spending problem. Story of my life. Another epic quote:

Reagan: “Ok, how much money do you guys have?”

Katie: “I have 5 maxed out credit cards!”

Gena: “I have a twen- actually, I ripped it. I got nothing.”

Reagan: “Well, that sums up your lives”

4. She is spastic. Ok, I don’t do coke and I’ve never overdosed on Xanax, but I share some of the more tame spastic qualities of Katie. She is flighty, she’s excitable, she doesn’t think before she speaks. She likes to have a good time, but sometimes gets carried away. She is easy to poke fun at. This is me.

I feel like I get Katie. I know where she is coming from. And although I don’t have a drug problem, and I’ve never had sex with a hamburger, I feel like we are similar.

Daily Prompt: In the Summertime

Theoretically, summer will return to the polar-vortex-battered Northern Hemisphere. What are you looking forward to doing this summer? If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, what are your fondest memories of Summer past?


Is summer really coming?! Like, really?

I think so! Today I went for a walk and it was a balmy 10 degrees (Celsius) and the sun. was. shining. Whooooooohooooo!!!!

I am very excited for this summer. Here’s why:

1. We are moving to Toronto for the summer. Ok, I don’t even really like Toronto, I quite hate it actually. But this means that we are moving out of my dad’s house for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS! We will be on our own! Sort of. We are living with a roommate, but she is awesome so it will be fun. She also isn’t one of our parents, and since we’ve been living with our parents for basically the entire duration of our relationship, it will be reallllly swell to be on our own for a while! Plus, we rented this really fancy condo down by the water, so yay for that!


2. We are taking sailing lessons. YAY! Sailing! We’ve wanted to do this for quite some time now, but never really had the chance. I can’t wait. Jibe, ho!


3. We will get to go to as many Blue Jays games as we want. My boyfriend and I have had Blue Jays fan passes (I think they are called Ballpark Passes now) for the past three summers now. But last summer we were living in London, so we weren’t able to go to too many games. This summer, however, we will be literally a hop, skip, and a jump from the Rogers Centre. Our condo is practically right next door. We can go to every game if we want! If we are watching a game on TV and it is like reallllly good, we can just go downstairs and walk on over!


4. I am transferring to a store that is only open Monday-Friday. YAAAAAY. I’m transferring to a Toronto location of my store and it’s only open Monday to Friday. Until 6 pm. Enough said.

I am really, really looking forward to this summer. Only one more month until all the fun begins! :)